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We help companies build tools and automations that move their business forward.

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The future is automated

Automation-first companies will execute faster, save costs and build a competitive edge over time.


"If it can be automated,
it must be automated."
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Meet 9x

9x is a Berlin-based agency specialized in business operations automation.
We use low-code platforms to automate your workflows and build custom tools.

Why work with us

Custom software

You get a customized solution that fits your exact process and requirements.

Built fast

We build on top of low-code platforms, allowing us to deliver solutions within days.

Without your tech team

No need to bother your engineers. They can focus on building your core product.

Tools we use

Our services

We're here if you need help finding, implementing or building internal tools.
And we can teach your team how to do it too.


We audit your toolstack and help you find the right tools based on your needs.


We help you implement and roll-out tools within your organization.


We build custom integrations between tools to automate your processes.

Custom tools

We build custom internal tools that move your business forward.


We show your team how they can automate their work.

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